The myth of Leonardo Da Vinci is more than alive 500 years after his death.

Born in Anchiano, Florence, in 1452, Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most important and famous Italians of all times like Dante, Galileo Galilei, Cristoforo Colombo.

Artist, studious, scientist, architect, engineer, Leonardo Da Vinci had a great knowledge of mechanics as demonstrated by the multitude of technical drawings we have by him.

Much of Leonardo’s engineering work involved the creation and perfection of machine tools. He projected devices for flatting metal and rolling it out into uniform sheets, a turning-lathe and a big cutting saw.

In this respect, Leonardo da Vinci can be considered a precursor of the modern machine tools manufacturers and, for that reason, LAMIERA will host a special exhibition “Leonardo one of us” devoted to him and to his Genius.